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Please consider joining me for one or more of my upcoming virtual classes, which will be held via Zoom.  All classes are designed to be interactive in nature, so class sizes are limited. Register now before classes are full!

You will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom login details after registration. For inquiries, please feel free to contact me at or 832-372-8236.

Cost: $18 per person for GINTC members!

Upcoming Schedule

Thursday, October 22
Intro to Birding

Are you one of the millions of people who enjoy watching birds, and would like to learn more about birding? If so, join us for this class where you’ll find out what to wear and what to bring with you, learn about some of the amazing birds that are common in our area, and get some tips for distinguishing between similar species.

Tuesday, October 27
How to Select Binoculars & Field Guides

Excited about birding, but not sure where to start? This class will give you insight into how to select the binoculars and field guides that are right for you, so you can feel confident when making purchasing decisions.

Tuesday, November 3
Understanding Your Birding Field Guide

Crest, crown, speculum, undertail coverts, supercilium—seriously? Don’t let the terminology in your field guide confuse you! We’ll help you make sense of what everything means, in easy to understand language, using photos of birds in our area as examples.

Tuesday, November 10
Using Your Birding Field Guide

When you’re just starting out, using your field guide to try to identify a bird in the field can be difficult! We’ll help you narrow down where to look in your field guide, and talk about different identification methods using size and shape, behavior and habitat clues. Then you’ll have a chance to practice your identification skills, so be sure to have your favorite field guide handy!

Tuesday, November 17
Location, Location, Location!

Understanding Habitat

Learn how following habitat clues can help you become a better birder in this interactive workshop! We’ll focus on developing observation skills to take a closer look at different types of habitat, and discuss what makes each attractive to a variety of bird species.